Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday Eye Candy: The Rise Of The Intelligent Rapper

Hey Young World!!!!

After many tweets, emails, FB messages and even texts..THE EYE CANDY POSTS ARE BACK! I took a break from doing the eye candy posts because I felt as though there was a drought going in the "Sexy Men" department. However, Summer is coming and men are baring those six-packs again so all is right in the world :-)

In today's music scene, there's seem to be a shift going on. Back in the day, when Sports Team Jersey Dresses were poppin' and neck chokers were the shizzle, the rap scene was all about the streets. If your music wasn't poppin' in the streets, you wouldn't be considered "fly". I remember being in the 5th grade and hearing older girls in my family talk about how they were obsessed with Trench from Naught by Nature because :in bird dialect: "he a rough neck and I like 'dat."

However, many things have changed. Rather than building up your street cred, many rappers are trying to build up the college credibility. The rise of the "smart rapper" is heating up and I love it like I love life!!! Gone are the days were rapper talk about a "Gangsta Bitch". Now, rappers today are focusing on bagging the college girl.

Did I also mention that they are all MY TYPE!!! HOORAAAYYYY!!! Check out some of my favorite rappers that are heating up the College scene:

Theophilus London
The Brooklyn native's new wave/ hip hop vibe has been a favorite of mine ever since I was introduce to the rapper last winter. The way he mixes what would be two extreme music genres is quite impressive. Plus, homie is a snazzy dresser. Snaps to him!

Mickey Factz

The BX native and "Alpha" man has been in the game for a minute now. I was introduced to him when I went a Cool Kids concert and I been diggin' his music since. Though he does remind me of my husband in my head, Lupe Fiasco, his flow and skills puts him in a league of his own.


Many people might not know who he is but this dude is the truth! He wrote for some of your favorite rappers and is signed to the Young Money camp. Hopefully, we will get a full album from old dude because his mixtapes are crazy.


Now, many have been introduced to the LA rapper by his Young Money association but I liked this dude even when he put out his first album(yes, he put an album out). The dude's flow is unlike what I expect a  LA rap vibe should be. He's quite ill and I think he has potential to doing big things in the game. Kudos!!!

These are just a few people that I heating up college radio that I dig. I am happy that hip-hop is taking this turn. Now, all we need is to stop with the damn ice nonsense and we will be good to go!

Later dayssss.....



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