Thursday, December 3, 2009

In Crazy News: Model Dies of Butt Implants, Goodwill Gets a Blunt, and Is it a Weight Limit to Flying???

Hello My Crazy Loves.....

Here is what made today's crazy news....

This story is just plain BUTT ugly

A former Miss Argentina model died after suffering complications during her butt-implant surgery. Yes, she died while she was getting butt implants. ( I am sorry but that is a horrible way to go. Face down, ass up! Sorry, I couldn't help myself...God, please forgive me for saying that..)

38-year-old Solange Magnano died of pulmonary embolism as the liquid used to numb the specific area that being worked on got into her lungs as well as her brain.

This is just plain sad, but I wonder how many jokes are being made after this. SMH you all are so cruel! (lol)

In other news....

An Ohio Goodwill definitely received something they might not want to share with the needy.

According to, The Marietta, Ohio Goodwill store received a large, metal water jug stuffed with $1,500 worth of marijuana.(OMG! TALK ABOUT GIVING TO THE NEEDY!!) The owners of the store didn't realize there was weed in the jug and was going to re-sale it until they discovered the "extra" baggage inside.

Police are inviting the kind-hearted "donor" to come forward and reclaim the jug. (Now, if I was the store owner, I would have kept the jug to myself. I mean, they did donate it to them. They probably thought that they need something to calm them down. So, don't ask question! Just roll and pass, man, roll and pass :-) )

And finally,

Take a Look at this picture...

The photo was taken by an American Airlines flight attendant who was complaing to her manager that this man should not have been allowed to go onto the flight by the gate staff since he did not pay for two seat, which is usually required for people who are overweight. This lead to the question, How fat is too fat to fly? Is he a tad bit too round? I think he could pass on the free peanuts, what do you think?



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