Monday, December 7, 2009

Mean Muggin' Mondays: "Baby, Do I Look Fat"

Hola Folks!
I hope your Monday ended very well with no injuries or violence needed to be involved :-)

For today's Mean Muggin' Mondays I would like to attack the dreaded question that most men cringe when they hear their significant other says: "Baby, Do I look fat in this?"

This age-old question is one that most men tend to avoid in order to save that stilleto heel from flying across one's head. However, when a man truly answers the question honestly, we as women have emotional break-downs and throw a temper tantrums so big that you would have thought the you were told he cheated on you rather than you were told that you have gained a few pounds.

I will admit, I have asked that question and wonder if my booty does looked big in certain things (though that is a good thing :-) ) but what I don't understand is WHY WOULD YOU GET MAD WHEN YOUR TOLD THE TRUTH?! Shouldn't you be happy to know that your man or best friend or family member told you the truth rather than lie to you and cause you to continue on the same path of gaining a size ( or two..)?
I am not saying that anyone should hurt people's feelings. In fact, if your bf is an ASSHOLE and tries to degrade you to the path where you do not know your self-worth, KICK HIS ASS TO THE CURB ( AND KICK HIS ASS TOO!) However, if you have someone who will be honest with you and genuinely tell you something because they care, stop with the damn crying and bitching and self-evaluate what you are doing wrong. The truth hurts people! If the truth was always cotton candy sweet, everyone would be honest and we would all live in a nice clean world. However, that is not the case so deal with it.
I have emotions like any other woman, but I would rather be told the truth upfront so I can deal with my problems rather I am lied to and I continue on a destructive path....
What do you think? Like I always say, Honesty always develop true growth.....
Take care and don't stress, I mean it is the holidays, so a lil extra cushion won't hurt no one :-)




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