Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday Eye Candy: Two For One Deal!!!!

Hola My Crazy Familia!!

Happy Wednesday! Congrats you made it half way into the week. Kudos to you boys and girls! You keep on pushing ! You keep on pushing!

So for today's eye candy special, I didn't to double it up and give you not just one but two people that I feel need to be highlighted because not only are they adorable but they are very talented and need to shared to you all here at Crazyland.

Last night, I had the opportunity to go to The Black Apple at the legendary SOBs night club in BYC. The Black Apple was a concert featuring up and coming artist that were trying to get on the baby making grind and show off their new songs (more to come in a later post.)

However, it was the two main attractions towards the end of the show that really caught my attention.

The first guy , who is one half of the today's delightful eye candy, is none other that GFC presidente Mickey Factz. Now, for those who are not familar with the Bronx native, GET ON THAT. The rapper has been heating up the New York rap scene for quite some time now and is slowly migrated himself into becoming the next best thing in Hip Hop. I first got introduced the rapper when I heard his mixtape where he freestyle over N.E.R.D. tracks. in his mixtape GFC presents In Search of the N.E.R.D. It was love at track!Plus, as I keep saying over and over, I have this weird thing for nerdy, skate board looking black guys so it is no secret why I think seeing him in his glasses looking like he will spit bars and study for a chemistry test with you makes me want to pinch his cheeks(on his face, please think straight folks)

And the second half of today's eye candy is R&B singer Brandon Hines. Now, I will admit, I had not one damn clue who this dude was until last night and quite frankly, I am happy to meet this R&B love muffin.

Hines has been creating a buzz in the industry for a while, from what I have been told. The singer is most widely known for his mix tape that he has worked on with the walking sex machine known as Trey Songz (Cut to Invented Sex clip.) Would I try to holla at the singer, probably not but I will say he is truly talented and not a bad thing to look at from time to time (especially when most of the dudes at the concert looked drunk, had no game, and wore they shades at night. I will explain more in my post about the concert.) However, I think that he is definitely someone ladies need to look out for.

So enjoy the "Singer and The Nerd" special today, ladies. Bon Appetito! :-)



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