Thursday, December 3, 2009

In Crazy Music: Grammy Nominations, Based on talent or based on popularity? And Pleasure P: The Child Molester?

Hey Crazyettes!

Sorry for me being M.I.A., I am on a mini vacay (yes, I surely needed this!) However, you know will never leave my crazy loves for too long, so no need to fear, the crazy girl is here!!!

It is quite intense in the music news this week!...let's kick off with the first order of business....

On Wednesday night, CBS hosted the Grammy Awards Nominations with the ever so delicious LL Cool J. As expected, the show was filled with lackluster jokes and attempts from the grammys to try to gain the much needed publicity for the show as the AMAs is still buzzing in every one's minds.

Of course, as expected, the top nods when to Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga. However, I am still scratching my head as to why the hell Drake got nominated off of a mix tape (pause to figure it out..) I was also surprised that the Grammy's actually gave nominations WHO ACTUALLY DESERVED IT! For example, Q-Tip received a nomination for his album, The Renaissance. ( If you have not heard his album, I suggest you cop it! I love that album!) as well as Maxwell receiving a nomination for his song "Pretty Wings." Hopefully, lets see if the right people will win this year. If not, I suggest we get Kanye drunk again so he can handle the business.

And finally, I guess the P in R&B singer Pleasure P name stands for pedophile, huh(corny joke? Yes, I know..) All this week on Twitter(@CrazyPrettyLady) I saw many tweets in regards to Pleasure P being involved in a child molestation scandal (ummm eww eww eww). According to reports, it seems as Pleasure P's former lawyer, Larry Goldstein (the name sounds fake) is pissed at him for not paying him for his services so he is snitching!! According to, his former lawyer's released documents showing that when the singer was 17, he was charged with molesting a young family member. It seems as though Pleasure P's former band mates in Pretty Ricky have a lot to say as they went to their Twitter to respond to the scandal. It is not a surprise that they would have something to say as Pleasure P and the boys of Pretty Ricky have never gotten along in quite sometime.

Now, if you ask me, I smell something fishy in this story. I am sorry but Pleasure P does not come off to me being the child molester type. Now, if this story had a 16 year-old girl and him doing the business on the girl's face, then I probably will believe it but Pleasure P with a child? Not so much...

I think that Pretty Ricky is trying to veer away from Spectacular's red thong dance segments and try to downgrade his former band mate's success. Hmmm I guess we have to stay tune...



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