Thursday, December 24, 2009

Last Minute Christmas Shopping Madness!!

It is approximately 5A.M. in the morning and I am up. It is not because I have to go to school or to work, I am up because I have to prepare for the battle that I have to face today.
*in my movie promo voice* In a world where savagess lurk to get the prey; a place where the fight will be long but the reward will be priceless. The fight that I will be taking on is.....Christmas Eve Shopping!

Yes, my crazy loves, I, CrazyPrettyLady, will be taking my short-tempered, zero-tolerance level self into the concrete jungle to do some last minute Christmas shopping. Now, I didn't want to wait last minute to do this. It just seem to just..well...happen. So as I embark on this excursion, I will like to wish you all luck on your journey that you will face.

Be sure to stay tune to CPL as I know I WILL GET PISSED OFF BY SOMETHING!

Take care....and God's Speed....



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