Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Wednesday Grooves: "Closer to My Dreams"

Hola Mi Amigas!

First, let me apologize. I have some visitors at my crem del la crem and I had to be a good host and take care of them. However, fear not good folks! They are out of my house and I am all yours again! :-)

For today's Wednesday's Groove, I needed a song that will put me in the right mind. Being a crazy chic, sometimes I need a song that will put me in the right mind; a song that will let me realize that not all problems are solved by violence. (Though it does make a situation cease rather quickly :-) )

Now, many of you might not know who this artist is BUT I have always had a love for this artist for quite some time now. If you listen to one of her albums, trust me, even if you are angry about something, you will forget after jamming to one of her songs.

So groove out to this and I will catch you on the flipside :-)

Later days :-)



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