Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Thursday Eye Candy: French-Made Heaven

Hello My Crazy Loves,

So last night, during my insominia moments, I had the opportunity to watch for the 43405904869084054509 time, "Sex and The City: The Movie" on HBO. Once again, I feel in love with the sexy neighbor who made Samantha Jones's sweat( as well as eat.) The sexy neighbor was played by French actor Gilles Marini. Now, this man can speak barely an inch of English but in this case, I don't want him to speak AT ALL. I cannot tell you how my mouth dropped during his outdoor shower scene.

(Give me a moment.......)

As a girl who doesn't discriminate, I must say this man is sexy! I think it has something to do with his European appeal that catches my eye.

So like locitas, feast your eye on the sexiness and make sure you fan yourselves afterwards....




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