Thursday, December 24, 2009

Crazy Fashion Sneaker Edition: All I Want For Christmas Are These Fresh Kicks....

Hello My Crazy Loves!

For today's Crazy Fashion, I wanted to highlight some fly ass sneakers that I found on my favorite website, . These two kicks literally had me at hello and they must be televised!

The first kicks I want to highlight are the Adidas Originals Highrise. I must say I am in love love love with these kicks. The classic sneaker brand has always been a fave on mine but I must say I really do like these. The sneaker was originally suppose to come out in January but if you check some Adidas stores they might have them already. I think I need to make a phone call. These will definitelybe selling out quickly!

And finally, Nike has done it again folks! The Nike RT1 High in this delicious dark cinder leather is freaking SEXY! Now, if I am having my sexy tomboy day (which I have quite often), I would definitely rock these sneakers! However, it seems like I have to wait as they are only offered overseas right now and won't be making their way into the states until next year.....sigh



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