Monday, December 21, 2009

Monday Eye Candy: "You Goin' Think Invented Sex"Heyyyyyyy

Happy Monday Everyone!

If you are like us here in crazy world, you were PRAYING that the snow will turn into ice and that you have that excuse to stay home. However, City Hall in NYC thought otherwise so we are up and atom, ready to start a new day.

For today's eye candy I wanted to deal with something that I beleive should bea "Situation" (I watch too much of the MTV show Jersey Shore). So, this morning, as I get ready, I was listening to my daily music to help create my sexy, and of course, Trey Songz "Invented Sex" comes on. As I am whining up myself, singing every word to the song, I wondered "I sing these words as if he is singing to me but I can never have a Trey Songz. So why do I like it?"
Let be real, artists like Trey,Drake, and even Lil' Wayne (though I do not understand what women see in the dude but I digress) are so use to banging the model chicks, the video chicks, and probably their faves the groupie chick aka the chick who would use a turkey baster to suck out the sperm out the condom to get knock up by the dude. (You know what the song says " Have a baby by me baby big millionaire" smh. As a realist, I know that I am none of the above and I am happy with that. However, would a Trey Songz pull me up stage to serenade me? Would someone like me be caught walking with him by TMZ? Imagine what the tabloids will say "Here is Trey Songz with......plain jane?" I mean I don't have fake boobs, I don't wear make-up and I am not a ho. So my fantasies of him singing to me is just a far fetch dream, but I must say I am okay with that.

Though it would be nice to be noticed by a celebrity, I rather be noticed for what I have accomplished by myself in the game rather than who I slept with in the game. Unfortunately, now-a-days, chicks feel that is the only way to get ahead in the game. Case in point: Ms. Superhead, The girls from For The Love of Ray J, all these girls go on these shows to get the fame, but I don't see the point. I mean, I have to say it it is okay to be a normal chic. I will just use my streets as my runway and I will just be fine with my own "celebrity boyfriend" :-)

So, as I jam to myself and I sing Trey's words, I will be happy that I have the song to enjoy and the fantasies that comes to mind :-)

Here is the hot video for your enjoyment as well as an additional Trey song that is an oldie but goodie :-)



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