Monday, December 7, 2009

Eye Candy Monday! Being a Geek is in!

Happy Monday My Crazed Ones!

I hope you have gotten over your Monday blues as the day is winding down. For today's eye candy, I wanted to highlight a man that is sexy to look at as well as sexy to study with. Today's eye candy is none other than Hill Harper. Ladies, let's admit it, we love to see a sexy guy and like to drool over a nice pair of abs but nothing will get panties more moist than a man who can speak and is intelligent enough to stimulate your mind. (wooo! Give me a moment.....)

Hill Harper is an accomplished actor and well known author. I had the opportunity to read his book ,Letters to a Young Sister: DeFINE Your Destiny, and I must say that he surely understand the art that is a woman.

Did I also forget to mention that Harper earned his bachelors from Brown University and also graduated with a J.D. from Harvard Law School, and a Master of Public Administration at Harvard University. (OMG!!!! LADIES, HE IS HUSBAND MATERIAL!!!!!)

However, though he is truly intelligent, let us not forget that he is very easy on the eyes as well.

So, enjoy this educational edition of eye candy and fellas, please STEP YOUR GAME UP! Being dumb and sexy is so not cute.




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