Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday Eye Candy: Ho Ho Hooooo!

Good Morning Peeps!

If you haven't noticed, there are two more days till Christmas! Wooooohoooooo! If you are like me you are in panic mode getting all of those last minute gifts for those people HAD TO BE NICE and get you a get you a gift. SMH, I am fresh out of college, I have student loans to pay off people!!!!!!

For today's eye candy I want to highlight the original sugar daddy himself, Santa! Now I know you all are probably making a face right now, wondering what the hell is wrong with me, but hear me out for a second. Santa is a sugar daddy. Think about it, you have to sit on his lap ando tell him "what we want for Christmas." Now, doesn't that sound just plain dirty.

I am not saying he does this with the children as that would be disgusting on so many levels. However, Santa turns on his North Pole swagger as soon as he pinpoints the child's mom, winking at her to get her "milk and cookies". SMH

Case in point, in NYC, during my last minute Christmas shopping relay, I noticed an Ask Santa display in the shopping center. As I look at the children looking happy as ever to see the fat man with the beard, I noticed Mr. Claus give this mother who had a big ass (I wasn't looking but seriously, you couldn't miss it if you tried to) the ill "bend over girl" look. My friend and I couldn't help but to laugh to see how flithy this Santa gets down. lol

So today, we salute the pioneer and let's hope he remains nice. We don't need him to be in a scandal like Tiger with all those hoes (I am sorry, I had to share that joke :-) )



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