Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Crazy Music Special: The Black Apple

Hello My Crazy Friends!

So last night, I went deep into the heart of the Vill (my term for the Village in NYC) to SOBs for The Black Apple concert. The GFC's New York fam hosted the concert series featuring SOBs veterans Brandon Hines, Melo-X, and Jesse Boykins III.

If many have not been to the legendary club, SOBs is the place for world music, whether underground or mainstream, can be exposed to the people. The intimate setting the venue has always been a personal fave of mine since it gives fans the opportunity to have a one on one experience with the artist.

The room was filled with industry executives, hip hop heads, models(who smelled like that the new way to get skinny now? I digress...) and those who were trying to get close to the artist that were performing that night (groupie loving is so '90s folks, get it together.)

Before the show to begin, it seems that many of the men were trying to bag as many girls as they can in the room. My friend and I couldn't help but to laugh at the horrible rejections these men had to face. It is quite sad to see a man with no game get denied...but a great pre-show event for me!

After two hours of anticipating the show to begin, it was show time....


The Black Apple Profile: MeLo-X from GFCnewyork on Vimeo.

The first act up was Brooklyn native Melo-X. The DJ, emcee, and producer has been creating a strong buzz in the NYC music world for quite some time now. It was my first introduction to the Renaissance man and from what I saw, I was really impressed and also somewhat puzzled by this huge character(in a weird/good way.) Jamming to the synthesized beats he and his band were vibing to, it was almost as if we were apart of a huge experiment, watching a mad scientist create his Frankenstein, in this case a hot ass track. Even though it was a head scratcher to figure out what the hell was going on at times, I loved every minute of it! As we all know, hip hop is an unpredictable mess that we all know to appreciate for what is, sort of like that ugly cousin we all have and love because their personality. His set was a nice start off to what was to be a most entertaining show.

Jesse Boykins III

The Black Apple Profile: Jesse Boykins III from GFCnewyork on Vimeo.

Up next to the stage was R&B singer Jesse Boykins III. The soul artist definitely had some ladies in a daze. As soon as he got on stage, you had women screaming(and one man too, don't judge). While I think he is truly talented and is easy on the eye, I do have a bone to pick with his performance. During his set, he performed a song called "pantyhose." Yes, the is the right name of the song. In the song, he talks about he wants to be his girl's undergarment.(Pause) Let me cut right down to it, THERE IS NOTHING SEXY ABOUT PANTYHOSE! NONE WHAT-SO-EVER! Their is nothing sexy about a control top, sheer nylon hoisery that usually sucks in all the jiggles, lumps and whatever might be hidden. I couldn't help myself but to laugh during the performance because I couldn't understand what chics (who were sceaming) thinking it was so damn sexy that he was singing about pantyhose. I guess if a dude talked about being his girl's maxi pad, with a verse saying how he "would be the midol that you need", women will think that is oh so SCRUMPTIOUS! eww

My second bone to pick with the singer was what I think most women at the event wanted to say to the singer during a specific performance: "Why in the hell would he pick that girl to on stage?" During his song, Itis (he is one with the song titles huh?) He brought up a girl, who was clearly under 21, to bump and grind on her like most R&B singers do during performances. However, the girl he chose was definitely NOT interested in him AT ALL! I mean the girl was CLEARLY not interested in James serenading her, in fact she did not even stare at him during the event. At times, it was utterly painful to watch him try to "woo" the girl, but she was just not having it. SMH, next time, pre-assign the girl you want to sing to in order to avoid the embarrassment that was that performance, just saying :-/

Overall, I think the singer did a job well done. I just felt that he should have nixed the whole pantyhose/uninterested girl out of the mix.

Brandon Hines

The Black Apple Profile: Brandon Hines from GFCnewyork on Vimeo.

The Headliner of the night was Detroit singer and ever-so-adorable Brandon Hines. I had no clue who he was but many of the girls who were there surely knew his name. I was extremely impressed by his voice as well as intrigued by this inner charm that he possessed. He reminded me of the Trey Songz swagger; that swagger that screams " I know I am sexy". This is a coincidence because he did a mix tape with the singer. He gripped the crowd by starting off singing my favorite Maxwell song "Pretty Wings". He even performed a song with GFC's presidente himself Mickey Factz , who I adore!(check the link below to see that performance in action!)

I must say, the show overall was really dope. I enjoyed the vibes as well as appreciate the sounds of good music. I also a few comedy moments. The Black Apple truly was a great success!

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