Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Throwback Tuesdays: HOT WHEELS LEADING THE WAY!!!!

Hola My Craze Ones!

As the holiday season approaches (ten day till Christmas in case you forgot!), many people are storming the stores and trying to figure out what would be that great gift.

For Throwback Tuesday, I want to bring back the toy that I literally begged I mean BEGGED my parents to get me for Christmas circa 1994.

That toy was GI Joe Hot Wheels Jeep! Yes, I wanted the Hot Wheels Jeep sooooo bad!!! I didn't want the Barbie version because as I mentioned, the tomboy in me was NOT having me ride around in a pink mobile. (plus, my brothers would have probably spray painted it some other color. Yup, they are evil at times :-) )

I always wanted one so bad. I know I would have been stunting down the street like I was the business! Unfortunately, the parentals POPPED that bottle because another thing that I was as a child was accident prone, so I probably would have broken something in the midst of my driving.


I got over the fact I won't get the jeep, but I still can respect the sexy that is this jeep!! So check out this personal fave of mine. Also, share what was the toy that you wanted as a child for Christmas. We might all be on our grown~n~sexy status, but you must admit their is still a child in all of us.



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