Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday Grooves:"Here We Go..." Going Through Another Day of Studying....

Hello My Crazy Ones!

As I embark on another day of studying bliss, I wanted to share some tunes that will put a smile on your face and have you jamming in the library! (As I am doing right about now!)

So for today's Tuesday Grooves, I have to go back in the day circa 1990s and bring back a tune that anyone will enjoy. Now, if you were in love with the classic show Family Matters you will definitely recognize this song in one of the episodes. This song came on my i-pod and I literally had a moment where my tongue came out and my inner hood rat had to let out a "HEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!" (Don't judge me people :-) )

So groove out and to my fellow college students who are winding down this semester, good luck, God's speed and remember to keep that bottle of Grey Goose next to you, you know as a little pick me up in case of any emergencies :-)

Later Days!



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