Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Crazy Random: Does he do it? Doesn't He Do it?

So as I am sitting here in Starbucks, blogging on the Blurrrberry as I get my extra boost of energy, a convo that I overheard caught my attention that I must share with you all

So this man was talking to his friend about get good oral work (take a moment to think about it if you don't know). He then said something that almost damn near PISSED me off! He said he don't "please" his woman as she please him because " that is nasty and he don't want the juices on him."

(In my jamaican accent) WHAT THE BOXSIDE HIM A CHAT BOUT?!?!?! Ladies, I think it is time for us to respond to this horrible issue!!

On twitter/facebook from time to time, you have that one status that poise the question

"Fellas, do you go down on your girl?"

It entertains me to read the various replies of "nah fam, that shit is whack" or "nah, but she could do me though!" Most men have always downgrade getting on their knees for the one they love, but why though? I mean women have not afraid to admit they will "slob on a knob" to please their man. So why you can't pet Ms. Freckles from time to time? I know this is rather vulgar topic, but we here at Crazy world believe that no topic is left untouched so I poise the question:

Ladies, should we turn into our male counterparts and start pushing heads down to Ground Zero to insist we must be pleased????

I mean I know a lot of intense things go on in the land of Vagina nation, but for peak sake's, some women swallow the thousands of potential children in order to make there man smile with delight!( No, I don't do it so don't even ask me...)

So to the man who talk down about pleasing your woman, I hope she cheats on you with a man with an amazing *cough* tongue rolls so you learn that sex is not a one-sided joyride.

Sorry folks, it had to be said! Now back to your regularly scheduled blog.... :-)



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