Thursday, December 17, 2009

I Run LA?! Natalie Nunn: Desperate Chick Walking...

So I just love the bad girl's club! This hot mess of a show but it is the trash talking, Jay Leno chin heffa Natalie that keeps me watching to hear her say "I Run LA" This lying chic time after time on the show talks about how she "knows celebrities, and fly on plane and Runs LA" (You know this B#tch is LYING!) So it did not surprise me what so ever ...The Self-Proclaim "Queen of LA" seem to be brewing up some things in Hollywood.

First, she goes on a radio station snd during her interview,she put R&B singer Chris Brown "on blast" (or what I like to call lying her way to fame). She "claimed" that Chris Brown (who has too much stuff going on in his life to add on more drama to his ever growing list) is lying about the accusationthat she and the singer hooked up in the past. She also claimed that she has naked pics of the singer to prove it! Hmmmmm

THEN she goes on to talk with the people at Honey Magazine about her beef with Vanessa Simmons. Yes, this chick is beefing with a reverend daughter. Wow!

Now, I do not condone violence toward anyone, but I wish Chris Brown would have waited until the Bad Girls Club premiered to then go and whoop a girl's ass! I can't stand this chic and it is sooo pitiful to see that she would lie to get a little shine. SMH

Someone, please smack this bitch, you will make my day!

Check out both interviews here....



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