Tuesday, December 22, 2009

In Crazy News: CNN's Odd Couple of Host, 911 for Bad Parenting and The Ignorant Medicine

Hola Peeps!

Here is today's Crazy News....

As the old saying goes " Fool me once, shame on you, fool me TWICE, shame on me..."

It seems as though CNN has not learned their lesson from last year as they have decided bring back the D-List Star Kathy Griffin to co-host theirNew Year's Eve broadcast, according to New York Mag's Daily Intel. If you remember, the potty mouth comedienne said some inappropriate things on live television that, in my opinion, spiced up what would have been a dull broadcast (no offense CNN. I like you guys, but you can be a tad bit bleh.) If you don't remember what she said, check out the video below to see her in action. However, CNN decided toadd on the former NYSYNC singer Lance Bass to join Griffin and Anderson Cooper to host the festivities.

(Pause for reactions)

Now, I know the economy is not so great, but damn CNN, you couldn't afford another, at least current star to host the show? I mean, Paula Abdul isn't doing anything right now, hit her up! Well, we just have to wait and see how this will go.....oye!

In other news.....

When an individual calls 911, it is because they are in emergency and need some assistance immediately. However, it seems like you also call 911 when you can't control your kids as in Boston, a mother called the police because she couldn't get her son to stop playing video games. In the clip, a mom couldn't tame her snot-nosed kid and needed to call the police in order get her son to stop playing video game, Grand Theft Auto. Is this what parenting coming to? You need to call 911 in order to tame your own child? Really? Check out the clip. If I talk more about this story, I might mess up my chi since I just finished my yoga practice....

And Finally....

I was already boiled up during Mean Muggin' Monday's topic (read to see what I talked about), but after watching this video, I am pissed! Check out this video that is suppose to be advertising a medicine called Niggerette. (Pause for reaction). This is NOT funny and sad. Take a look for yourselves.



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