Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Crazy Random: Do Men Really Respect Women Anymore?

Yo Yo Yiggidity Yo!

Today, I was told by someone to check out a clip on that showed a fight that went down on Christmas Day in NYC. In the fight, two men were duking it out on the subway head to the city. Now, as I was watching it I literally lost my lunch after seeing homeboy SUCKER PUNCH a woman who, in my opinion,was trying to calm the situation.

I don't know if there is something in the air, but 2009 seem to be the year of "bitch ass dudes"; where men feel the need to beat on their women to show their women because they can't control their agression. Gone are the days where men act like gentlemen and handle their anger with maturity.

This is the sole reason why I walk around with my knife. I am not saying that women should hit their man first. Do unto others as you want to be done on yourselves. However, my problem lies when men hit a woman because they feel they are compromising they manhood if they don't hit something.

All I am saying is, if you swing at me, that is your way of asking me "Can you cut me, please?"

Check out the clip and you judge for yourselves. Ladies, I think 2010 should be the year of penius-slashing; if the fellas want to punch in '09, it is our time to slice in '10.

Take a look *Warning* The clip may be graphic to some



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