Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturdazzeeee: Is it cool to do a Number 2 in front of your mate?

Hello, hello, hello and how u doin'? (If you know where I got that from, brownie points for you!)

So during my lazy Saturday routine, I was sending out emails and relaxing and watching my Season 4 Sex in the City DVD! (I have my girly loves and this is one of them.)

So in one of the episodes, Miranda had a boyfriend who was comfortable popping and peeing in front her. Mirand on the other hand, thought otherwise.

Now, as a tomboy and a person who is very comfortable with myself, I have no problem handling my business in front of my boyfriend. (For Christ sake, I piss on one when I was drunk! long story, talk about that in another post.)

So I poise the question: Is it taboo to handle your business in front of your mate? I mean when someone truly a relationship, it is to be comfortable to be with a person in all spectrum of what makes them who they are. So, if I have to pee, shouldn't my man feel comfortable to brush his teeth and not feel qweezzyyy about it. If I have to change my pad because it is that time of the month, should he feel comfortable to run to Rite-Aid for me to pick up my Always Ultra Thins?Ladies, if your man farts around you, should your first reaction be "eww"? I mean, isn't that your man and let's face it, we all come with our flaws so shouldn't we allow our mate to be in their normal state, farting and burping away?

Personally, I believe that when you are in a relationship, you accept a person flaws when you said you wanted to be in a relationship. So, if my man wants to fart, piss when I brushing my teeth, even call me in to get a roll of toilet paper during his pooping session I wouldn't mind. At the end of the day, I love him for him and if I want a relationship with that man, it should be understood that me smelling his shit will come with the territory.

So have the air freshener and hold you breath! You too can live happily ever after :-)

What do you think?


.MochaSista. said...

it is absolutely NOT okay to take a dump or change ur pad in front of ur man..i dont care how sexxy u think it is ladies should not do those types of things around their man..i dont even feel comfy takin a piss around my man at all , to me its just not right, theres a difference between accepting someones flaws and aceepting them taking a shit (the two dont go hand in hand) a flaw is more like a female havin stretch marks or a dude havin a bad case of acne not shitting / changing ya pad (thats sumthing that needs to be done with the door closed and locked!)...but hey to each his own!


December 12, 2009 at 6:35 PM

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