Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturdazzzze: Is it fly to be a sidechick?

Happy Saturday My loves!

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday as I am! I had to take a break from Crazyland andI am on a weekend mini vacay!(Sometimes, a girl has to put down the knife and just take a break from the madness, you know :-) )

On Friday, when I was on the plane, I got into a conversation with two plder women (who were heading for a weekend filled with "young hot guys and a whole lot of booze" as they called it as one woman's divorce. You go, you cougars!) We began to talk about all of the latest sex scandals, particularly the Tiger Woods scandal. Of course, as women, we all had said it is so sad to see Tiger cheating on his wife and with ugly girls at that. During our whole male bashing conversation, one of the women said something that really got to me. She said,"If I was the mistress, I would have kept my mouth shut. I mean, Tiger probably paid her rent and everything. Why mess that up?" I couldm't help but to give the ill-grill face to this 40-something woman for saying something like that, but how can I blame her to think this way?

Let's be honest, many women would rather be a sidechick to a famous star in order to get the perks and the 20-seconds of fame with the celebrity. I cannot tell how many times I see women go to the extreme to get notice by Trey Songz during his club appearances or sneek backstage of a concert to get that one night of bliss with a celebrity, not caring if they are married or not.

However, being the sidechick doesn't only pertains to dating famous stars. Some women will accept the role of being a side chick in order to be with the man that they want. I have seen many women accept that they will only be called by a particular guy for sex just to have the satisfication in knowing that they will still be considered by a particular guy. I sympathazie with these women because let's face it, every woman wants to have the feeling being accepted by a man. Sometimes, they will consider sex to be that acceptance, therefore accepting side chick role and any treatment they will receive by the man.

As women, we have a choice, Do we want fame or love? However, just remember, when a man thinks of you as a side chick, you will always be a side chick. Do you really think it is worth sacrificing your time and energy on something that does not have a future to it? I don't know about you, but if a man can't call you without talking about how much he wants to f*ck you, it is about that time to move on...

Later dayzzz... time for me to soak up the sun :-)



.MochaSista. said...

hey gurl,

i love this post!

me personally i have my standards and one of em is to never be a side chick ., now that i think back on it ive had to deal with side chicks tryna come after my man and immediately i had to put his ass and her ass in check as well! but umm yeah being a side chick is not wassup! its so much better to have ur own!!

much love.,

*brown is beautifuL*


December 5, 2009 at 7:52 PM

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