Saturday, December 19, 2009

Crazy Fashion: Fly in the Wintertime!

Hello my loves!

As we all bundled up and keep warm in this horrific winter weather, let's not forget that no matter what the weather might be, you always have to bring your sexy!
So when I stumble upon this chic scarf over at Knotty Loop (via, I knew that this scarf is too damn cute! I must say the versatility of the scarf is great, but forget about that, isn't the model's hair-do dope! I always wanted to do a haircut like that but I am nervous about the reactions. However, I can't let fear stop me right?!
Check out this cowneck scrarf and rate it for yourself!

However, though it is cold and it is important to keep stylish and warm, some things should not be done in the name of fashion.
Case in point....

Check out this Burton Veil One Piece Winter Coat. I thought that we stop wearing onesies after the age of 4??? I am sorry, when I first saw this, I literally busted out laughing, having everyone at my internship look at me as if I am crazy(well I am, but they don't need to know).

All I am saying is that just because it is winter, does not mean that you should be slacking in your style department, so bundle up and WERRRRRRKKKK IT HUNNNEY!!! :-)




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