Wednesday, December 16, 2009

In Crazy Fashion: A Holiday Look For Less and My Love For Loubiton Just Got Stronger!

Hola My Crazy Loves!

As I mention time and time again, I respect the power of a strong pair of heels. However, I recently fell in love with the high-heels giant brand Christian Louboutin. Now, personally, I am not a big fan of heels. When I wear heels, I know that within five minutes into wearing those shoes, I start to wish I had on my flats since I am in soo much pain. However, after being introduce to the brand. I love them oh so much! I would take the corns and the bunions just to show off these sexy heels and I am seriously folks! These shoes are really like art work to me. I love seeing things that others would probably never imagine.
So today, as I was googling some things, I stumble upon these. It's name is Clic Clac. (Take a moment and preserve the sexy. I will give you a minute.)

The lace front high heels have me staring at the screen for hours today! Now if only I can find $1,034 to pay for these heels so I can call them my own! (Sense the sarcasm , folks) But for now, we can admire from afar.

And finally, as the holiday season rolls along, I realize that this is the time that I have to find that perfect dress to be the show stopper at the event. I do not dress up all the time. I do look cute, don't get me wrong, but I am not a make-up everyday kind of gal. However, when I do put on the make-up, the heels, and the freak-um dress, YOU WILL SEE ME! *snap the fingers*

So, as I sit here at my internship, trying to kill the extra time that I have, I tried to find a look that will inspire my outfit for the party. I happen to be in the midst of my daily gossip reading sesh over at that I stumbled across my look for this year!!!!!

My inspiration for this year's outfit is from country singer Jennifer Nettles. I won't lie, I had no clue who she was for the like of me. I have never listen to nor heard one of her songs because country/bluegrass music isn't my cup of tea (but there is a song by Garth Brooks song that I do jam to from time to time, but that is about it.) However, her outfit that she wore at the Grammy Nomination Special definitely caught my attention! The sparkling accessories, metallic patchwork heels, shimmering clutch and jeweled belt added a great touch to what could have been a plain red dress! Plus, the shimmering shoes makes the whole look very festive.

So my crazettes, be on the look out for pictures of me putting my twist to this banging outfit! Believe me, when I enter into this year's event, I definitely know that I will be just as yummy looking as the egg nog...after I spike it :-)



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