Saturday, December 12, 2009

Weekend Eye Candy Special: Mos Def

Hello Boys and Girls.....

So, on this wonderful Saturday, I decided to laze around being that for the past week I have been living in a library cube and staring at computer screen typing away at papers until my fingers felt numb.

So, today, as I drink my green tea and lay in my bed, I did my daily video watching and I stumble upon this work or art made by triple threat Mos Def.

It is really hard to find an artist who can rap and act. I mean, I cringe when I her that an athlete slowly tries to enter the music or acting world because they feel they have much talent to share (Please refer to Shaquille O'Neal's attempt at rapping. I rest my case.)

But Mos Def is a true talent. He is a great rapper and an excellent actor and a mind blowing poet. I really do respect a man with talent.

So you go, Mos Def! Show them what a triple threat really is!!!
Also, check out his new video.....I must say I love hearing good hip hop on a Saturday morning..

ta ta :-)



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