Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday Eye Candy: Rennaisance Man Q-Tip

Happy Happy Monday One and All!

I hope your weekend was "swagastic" (if anyone says this, smack yourself really hard!)

I must confess, all this weekend I have been on a straight Neo-Soul/alternative hip hop binge. I was vibing off of Raphael Saadiq, Kem, Krs-One and much more. However, it was The Renaissance man himself, Q-Tip that definitely caught my attention. Now I know that he is probably ten year older then my older brother, but there is just something about his style and his unique presence that really caught my attention. (if you haven't notice already, I like men with brains, abs, and an artistic edge. Plus, age ain't nothing but a number to me :-) )

I have been a huge fan of his 90s group A Tribe Called Quest for many years. I truly fell in love with the group when I was very young and even as I am a 21 year old youngin', I still wild out and rhyme word for word the verses to "Butter" when it comes on my i-pod.

However, it is Q-Tip's 2008 master piece The Renaissance that has sealed the deal for me. Gone are the days where I can buy an album and listen to it from beginning to end. However, his album definitely brought back the days where I play a song so much that my CD literally skips.

Did I also forget to mention that he still looks good too?! I mean, he is 39 years old, but I swear he still would be quite delish to a girl like me :-)

So enjoy, ladies, the eccletic style of today's eye candy and listen to one of my favorite song off his recent album.

Side note: If you haven't heard the Grammy-nominated album, The Renaissance, go listen to it NOW and also pick up his latest album . k, thanks :-)



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