Monday, December 21, 2009

Mean Muggin' Mondays: Stereotypes Should Be A Two-Way Street!

Hola Mi amigas!

For today's daily dose of Mean Muggin' Monday, I want to touch on something that I have notice MANY, and I do mean MANY of you have been tippy toeing away from for quite some time now that I think needs to be said before we go into the new year.
So as you all know, I truly love the MTV show, Jersey Shore! The gel-wearing, spray tanned, fist pumping gang always have me dying laughing during every episode. However, something has been bothering the crap out of me and I need to air it out now!

Prior to the premiere of the show, I remember going on Facebook or Twitter and seeing statuses from my friends who are also Italians have statuses like "This show is a disgrace to my race" or "This show should be banned" and all this other crap. I read so many articles saying how people wanted MTV to ban the show and how they were threatening the cast for doing the show.

Judging from what I saw and read, I cannot tell you how ANNOYED as well as DISGUSTED to see the hypocrisy that I have been seeing. The same people who are "offended" about the show are the same people who thought it was "funny" when they see chicks act crazy on The Bad Girls Club. These same people who are "offended" are the ones who "LMAO" when they saw fights and ghetto rants on BET show like "The Way It Is.." or "College Hill". I cannot tell you how many people imitate BET's Frankie's "HOLLLLLLAAAAA" when she look crazy sometimes. So I pose the question:

Why is it okay to disgrace one type of person but when it is YOUR culture, race, or gender that is on the chopping block, it is blasphemy?

It is quite humorous to see those with names such as "GuidettePrincess" or "Mafia Mogul" in their Facebook or twitter name cries bloody murder when they saw their will be a show coming out that, in all reality, some what relates to the scene that they are apart of. I am not saying that the show is an accurate representation because it is not but at the end of the day IT IS REALITY TV, WHAT THE F@#K DO YOU EXPECT?!

I can probably count on my fingers and toes reality shows that dehumanize women, make minorities look like a hot ghetto mess and make young people my age look drama filled and "air-headed." So what the hell makes one particular group so perfect enough to not have a show that show the crazy side of their culture.

As many people want to call it, this is the "land of the free and equal opportunity" therefore if women are going to be seen booty poppin' on a hand stand in a music video, God Damnit it should be okay to have a show highlight the crazy fist pump dance. I know that half of you who are "mad" aren't mad at shows like "Flavor of Love" or "For The Love of Ray J". However, is it BLASPHEMY when the jokes on you?

Let me make this clear, I am NOT attacking Italians in any way. I believe this is a culture that is rich in history and is a wonderful culture, but some of the comments I hear and see makes no damn sense.
Do many of you tan? Yes
Do many of you put so much gel in your hair that it feels like a knife if you touch the guy's hair? Yes
Do many of you fist pump to "Tiesto" or any other house music? Yes

Therefore, I am not understanding why people want to boycott this show. I can understand why some people will get mad when they refer to themselves as "guidos" but many people from different ethnicities used the N word as a terms of "endearment" and not know it true meaning, sooooo what the problem?

All I am saying is, before you go boycotting things, look at yourselves first and realize that just as how you feel offended about a show, others feel offended about a show you found to be "freaken AWESOME!"

If you are mad about what I said, oh well...truth hurts....




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