Monday, December 14, 2009

Mean Muggin' Mondays: Real Men Cry Too!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello My Crazy Loves!

For today's Mean Muggin' Mondays, I want to think about something that is considered to be taboo in the world of men.

Let me paint the the scene:

It is a Saturday night and a group of guys go out to the club and they ready to "pop bottle". They drink all night, blowing money on $300 a bottle on a henny, Goose, you name it they drinking it. Then, out of nowhere, one of the guy's in the group's ex-girlfriend who he has true feelings for walks in and the dude who was poppin' bottles, gigglin' boobies in his face with delight suddenly feels his heart drop as a rush of feelings and emotions comes over him.

(And that concludes this edition of As the Crazy Word Turns...)

I painted this picture for you because the story I described actually happen to a friend. On Sunday, a good friend of mine called me in a state of paranoia after since his first love in the club where he was out with his boys. After hearing him talk about how he misses her and "needs her back in his life" I then asked him what he say to her when he saw her.

His response: "you serious?! I ain't not a b*tch. You think I want her to laugh at me! Nah, chill son"

(Pause to give the "you a jackass" look)

Though his response pissed me off, this response is the most common answer that men say when they feel an ounce of tear coming out of their testerone-filled body and want strap back on their balls because they want to be "harrrd son!"

But I beg to ask the question...why?

Why is it so important for a man to be seen as "tough"? Men have just as strong emotions like women. In my opinion, I think that men go through a far worse of a roller coaster with their emotions as women like to play so much games that you would think women are playing these guys out there like they are a Wii, holding the joystick as they punch, kick, manipulate and grind their way to bring their men closer and closer to insanity.

So, why is it wrong for men to show that they miss someone the love to? Why does a man have to be a "b*tch" when he shed a couple of tears. We are human, damnit! CRY IF YOU WANT TO CRY! ADMIT THAT YOU ARE WRONG WHEN YOU ARE!!!! Nothing drives more INSANE is when you are explaining to the male species what they did wrong and they respond to you say " I know, but if you didn't do (A) then (B) would probably would happen. So why you getting mad for?" (My eye is literally twitching at the thought of hearing that excuse!)

Of course you can blame society emphasis on being a "manly man" why men are the way they are but I point the figure at men's ignorance and pride.

As the old saying goes, pride can be a man's downfall. Fellas, I am sorry but many of you lose your chance at love as well as opportunities that may come into your live all because you made your pride get in the way of the truth. You would rather dust it off and call a jumpoff to ease you broken heart, but I don't care who you are and how"strong" you might be or how good your sidechick *oral game*(PG-13 kids) is, nothing will never solve your problem unless you face it like a man!

At the end of the day, I will tell you as how I told my friend. You can look like a tough dude and not face your fear but when you see the one you care about dwindle into the sunset, then how strong you look hiding from what you fear the most, your heart.

SO MAN UP HOMEBOY! Stop playing the ignorant card and face your emotions....

Later days folks!!!



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