Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thursday Hate Mail: Hate On You? Oh no!!!

Top of the afternoon folks!

Happy Thursday!

I know you all are use to getting the "eye candy" and "grooves"at the start of your day but we here at crazy land are in a hating mood. Therefore, we are going to spill the hate on YOU.

Today, during my coffee time, I was getting my twitter fix when I stumbled upon something that pissed me off!

Have you ever stumbled upon a tweet that sounds like this:

"Fuck niggas hating on me! I get money, y'all just haters" or " Fuck bitches, they just jealous of my swag" or my personal fav " I gets money, I count stacks all day."

After read stuff like this all day, I have only one thing to say:

YOU'S A LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Come on son!

I swear I get so mad when I see individuals hype up their "swag" as something that people hate on all the time. Who has time for you? Stop the foolishness!

What annoys me even more is when we all know that the life these individuals claim to have is non-existent. Most of these cats that you hear saying they pop bottles all day and making all these allegations on how rich they are the cashiers at your local Target. For example, an individual (who I won't put on blast because I am not trying to be sued) claims that's he "drop stacks at the Gucci store." However, in his profile pictorial (yes, I say pictorial) homie have on the Shaq's line of sneakers from payless.

*Pause for reaction*

Now, I might just be cranky but all I am saying is no one has time to hate on YOU! Stop the nonsense! When individual do these things it is silently telling your "haters" that they are getting to you. It also show that you don't love enough  because if you need to pump up your own image to make yourself feel better, you probably don't know your self-worth.

 Everyone in this world has someone who does not like them or "hates" on them but a real, strong leader doesn't constantly tweet about how great their lives are. Why waste time tweeting about your life when you  can live it. As the saying goes: "My life, your entertainment." Entertain them haters of yours by enjoying your like to the fullest. NOW STOP WITH THE CROCK OF SHIT TWEETS!

Thank you and good day :-)



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