Friday, February 5, 2010

Crazy Random: Men Are Head Scratchers!


I work in a predominantly male office. For the past couple of months of me working at (NONEYAHBIZNESS!), I have explored the mind of the male species more than I ever did in my 21 years of life. I thought I knew what to expect since I have two brothers, a wonderful, wise and BLUNT father and tons of hoes uncles who have taught me what to expect when I encounter a man.

However, I think my time here has taught me so much more than I would ever learn from life or any relationship book. Why you ask?  Imagine working in a company that focuses on what guys want out of their lives. I have seen them pow-wow over "WHO HAS THE FLYEST ASS" and "What is the craziest place to have sex with a jumpoff." I crack up (in my head, of course. I can't let them know I am ease-dropping, gotta maintain my "innocent girl" status lol) when I here their thoughts, beliefs, likes, dislikes, fear and most importantly their sex games! (lmfao!!!! That had to be the funniest convo I have ever heard in my life.)

So, as MAN WEEKEND a.k.a. Super Bowl Weekend, steadily approaches, I would like to send out a challenge to my fellow Crazyistas....

This weekend, I want become....YOUR MAN! Yes! I said it! I, CrazyPrettyLady, want you ladies to turn off the dainty, girly girl and turn into your dude. Don't be the chick who is getting the chips and dips every ten minute intervals, be the one chomping on chips, eating the wings and belching like a motha all while you watching NFL Today to hear them talk about the same shit that was talked about on SportsCenter all damn week.  Also, don't coordinate a "Super Bowl outfit."

 NO! NO! NO!

Why do women do that?! Why do you need a damn outfit?! Really though?! It is a damn game!!!!!  Must you coordinate with the jersey?! Shit, it is a damn jersey!!!!

Rock your sweats and plop your ass unto that couch and stay there. Ladies, what you might not know is that though men like a chick who looks "bad" or "sexy", they want a chic who is able to be themselves and just chill.

So, I want to challenge you all to change it up this weekend and on Monday, when we gather again in this crazy sanctuary, tell me how it went. ( And you can thank me later because I know your man will probably be turned on that you are in sweats and you will probably get some  great half-time sex. Men just love their girls in sweats. I'm just sayin' :-p)


Now, if you will excuse me, I got to go get my wings and all the junk food for this weekend. I am about to throw my middle finger up to my diet! lol



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