Saturday, February 13, 2010

Weekend Eye Candy: Theophilus London "Humming" To The Top

Happy Saturday!

*sips tea*

In another edition of "CRAZYPRETTYLADY LOVES BLACK SKATEBOARDER/NERDS", I would like to introduce you to Theophilus London. As many people are starting to get to know the rapper, I had the opportunity to see Mr. London perform at SOBs not too long ago. His creativity and style is one that many cannot pull off if they tried. However, recently the Brooklyn Renaissance Hip Hop Soul star sat down with Complex Magazine to  dish on what inspires him and his style. Click here to check it out.

Mr. London is a phenomenal talent and is said to be the new era in hip hop. His music makes a connect with his listeners. When I saw him perform, I along with everyone there knew that he will be making an impact in the industry.

I respect a man who is not afraid to express himself and let's not forget that his music is so dope! He probably won't get the mainstream attention as he should but like many creative talents like Lupe Fiasco and Mickey Factz he will truly make an impact in the industry.

I must say, hip hop is definitely making a comeback. Gone are the days of "bling bling". Thank God! I was beginning to worry. One more song about Stanky Legging, I was going to start listening to country. SMH

Keep on doing what your doing, fam! Plus, your style = FIIIEEEEERRCCCEEEE

Haven't heard of Mr. London? Where have you been!!! Don't worry, check out his music here. Trust me, you will be adding him into your i-pod after hearing his music.

Your welcome.



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