Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday Eye Candy: Model City Premieres Tonight!!!

*Jumping for Joy*

It's here! It's here! Tonight is the premiere of the all new reality series Model City on BET's Centric. The show features minority models from Red Model Management struggling to make it in the competitive and sometimes racist fashion industry.  The show follows them as they deal with casting calls, photo shoots and their naked, glistening delicious......oh, I am sorry. I got sidetrack :-) Not since Tyson Bedford has minority male models got some shine. Kudos to Centric for highlighting these models and also choosing individuals who are a good representation of black models. I am not going to lie, I thought they were going to pick someone ignorant because (sorry to judge) it seems like on most reality shows, the black one always have to be dumb, rude and/or obnoxious. Plus, it doesn't hurt that they all are some delicious eye candy :-)

 The show looks to be a good look for Centric. I am proud to see the direction that BET is going. I love seeing the classy yet sexy television programming. Plus, even if the show, Model City, has a weak dialogue WHO THE HELL CARES! THESE BOYS ARE FIOOOONNNNNEEEEEEE!!!!! HALLEJUAH!

Look at them!!!

Check out the preview and learn about the cast here. Delicious! Will you be watching?




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