Tuesday, February 9, 2010

TV Recap: Ray J Gone Wild!

Ohhhh my damn!!!!!!

I am shock to see how BONKERS and REAL last night's reunion special of For The Love of Ray J went!

Oh my!!!!

For those who missed the chaos here is a brief synopsis of what went down:

-We find out that Jamaican Sports Icon Usain Bolt has no taste in women as we learned that he is "allegedy" dating Lava a.k.a. crazy chic who wanted to keep Ray J hostage in the room in episode 4.
(SMH. Bolt, you lost major brownie points.)

- Luscious, Platinum and buck teeth Heartbreaker, better known as The Wolfpack are still hoes! I have a weird feeling that Platinum and Ray J are still messing around. I'm just saying. Body language speaks volumes. Plus, Ray J likes his girls easy.

- Jaguar is too classy for Ray J. Ray J admit on the show that he felt guilty
after eliminating Jaguar because she didn't put herself out like the other girls. If I were Ray J, I would marry her! She is someone he could bring home to mama.

- I FEEL SO SO SO BAD FOR MZ. Berry! *Blog Hug*
Mz. Berry had no idea that Ray J not only continue to mess with some of the girls from the show but that he just profess his feelings for Jaguar not long before she came out on stage! *Dies*
Honestly, we all know that Mz. Berry is on a different level than Ray J and the rest of the cast.

And finally....

The fight between season 1 winner Cocktail and Ray J was insane! They both forgot that they were on a show and started to air out each other's business. Wow! I knew Ray J lost it after screamed from the top of his lungs "I gave you your career!" lol! I don't know why Cocktail came on the show but I feel like she was a tad bit bitter that she got dumped by the singer. Plus, I really don't think she cared about getting her shine on the show. I think she wanted put Ray J on blast for hurting her. Nothing like a good dose of a woman's scorn *evil grin*

I am mad the show was only an hour long because it was quite intense and we were left with a lot of unanswered questions.

So as we say so long to this season(and possibly the show for good) we wonder if Ray J got Cocktail jumped? You know he probably called up his Cali homegirls to handle that!


Gotta love trash TV :-)



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