Saturday, February 20, 2010

Saturdazze: Anything You Can Do, I Get Charged With Murder....

Happy Saturday Boys and Girls!

I had the opportunity to watch Tiger Woods apologize for his behavior during yesterday's press conference. I will admit, prior to me watching the the press conference, I already made up my mind that Mr. Woods is a nympho and is probably doing this to save his image in the public eye. This is the classic PR move that anyone in the biz know is either the best or the worst move to do for a celebrity.

So, as I begin to watch to the press conference (and hear the teeth-sucking, the"oh, please" and the classic "he ain't sh*t" from the women in my office who were watching it with me), I begin to wonder "Am I given Tiger Woods the benefit of the doubt?"

I mean let's be honest, folks. Tiger Woods is not the first athlete or celebrity to cheat on his girlfriend or wife. I mean I personally think that cheating has become a major part of Hollywood. It like you sign a contract, you cheat on your spouse. However, due to the fact that he is an outcast in the field of golf (he might be a top name in the sport but he is not white so he automatically will always be the outcast. Just being honest), Tiger's bad move gave his haters and/or doubters something to grab and run with it to the roof top. I mean REALLY?! 

I hate to say this but if you are on the top of your field, one false move can destroy everything. Especially, if you are the best and people thought you should be otherwise.

The media can be so two-faced, it is quite sickening. It seems like they would throw someone under the bus at one point but then when someone they "like" does the same thing, they should them mercy.

Case in point: David Letterman. Mr. Letterman had a ten-year long relationship with his assistant. How did the media respond? By helping him make his show's ratings jump to the top spot in late night. I am sorry but at least Tiger just f*cked his jumpoffs. Mr. Letterman growed emotionally attached to his mistress, which in my opinion is the worst form of infidelity. HOMEBOY VACATIONED WITH THE BITCH! THE MAN VACATIONED WITH HER!!!

Therefore, I poise the question: Have we mistreated Tiger Woods? I am not saying that he is right for cheating but should his personal matter affect his professional career? 

If we could have amnesia when Letterman or any other celebrity that have cheated, don't you think we should have the same thing for Tiger?

Well, Tiger, you might not be on my good side all the way but I must say, you've won a couple of brownie points yesterday.


What do you crazy loves think?



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