Sunday, February 21, 2010

Weekend Grooves: "And Don't You Forget It"

Happy Sunday Folks!

Today, I have been in such a groove, mellow mood. My Sunday was a day of rest-literally. I took the time out to analyze my life and figure out where I see myself going. I think what a lot of people forget to do in their lives is to sit down and ask themselves the question: "What will be my legacy in life?". We tend to rush into panic mode when we don't know the unknown and forget that we first must analyze what we are doing now in life to know what is the right move to make. 

During my "self-discovery" , I began to go threw my music list when I stumbled upon this song. THIS SONG RIGHT HERE--woooooooo CLASSIC. I must say, there is something powerful about a smooth R&B song. It can mellow out at the craziness in anyone, including me. 

A lot of people probably don't remember Glenn Lewis but I remember jamming to him back in the day. I was probably the only eighth grader grooving to Glenn Lewis, Musiq Soulchild or even Koffee Brown ( I went to a catholic school where Backstreet Boys and 'NSYNC reigned supreme on the playgrounds.) However, almost years later, it still puts me in that place of happiness and I must share this goodness with you all.

Vibe out and remember...real music never gets old :-) 

Enjoy :-)



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