Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thurs. Eye Candy: 'Max'in' out

*in Jay-Z voice*

Hola My People!!!!

We made it halfway through the week! Yesssaahhhhhh!

Some people are blessed with great genes, great personality or great "sex"....appeal :-)

However, it seems like Maxwell has been blessed with the whole thing! On Monday, I watched the BET Honors(Yes! I know! The crazy lady watched black folks tele more than once this month! This is an accomplishment :-) ) I was watching to see who was getting an award but Maxwell, Maxwell....*moans* Maxwell took over and I completely forgot who he was suppose to be honoring.

God Bless this man! May he never age and stay the sex kitten that he is, even back when he had the 'fro.

Check out his BET performance here...don't worry, we won't judge you if you play the video more than once.

(We WILL judge you if turn the sound off and watch the video! It is too early in the morning to be that freaky!)

Lata dayzzzz :-)



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