Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Wednesday Eye Candy: Milk Does A Body Good!

*Drops Spoon*

Kim, though I might talk negative towards you for being a spotlight hog, I must say, GIRRRRLLLLLL YOU GOT A GOOD ONE! Looking at this picture makes me want to convert back to drinking cow's milk (Well, not really, but I would like to pour the milk on him! *Dirty thoughts*)

Football's breakout star, Reggie Bush, is the next athlete to be apart of the Body By Milk campaign. The campaign is the latest way to help educate Americans about the benefits of drinking milk. Though I am a soy milk girl, I must say, milk does a body good on HIM.

Now, if the campaign had Lebron James( my basketball love)  and Alex "Playboy" Rodriguez (my baseball love) along with Reggie, you can have a Sexy Milk dynasty. (You like that idea, huh?! PR is what I do, folks! I can come up with ideas for days!!! :-) )

So feast you eyes on the sexy! Hm, now I have the urge to eat a bowl of his stomach. I'm just sayin' :-p



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