Monday, March 1, 2010

Monday Eye Candy: Ting-A-Ling-A-Ling

Happy Monday My Crazy Loves!

Oh, how I missed you all. This weekend was truly an adventure. I went on the most craziest,psychotic, freak-nik of a ski trip in my days! (Stay tuned for my full report on that!)

For today's eye candy is a quite ugly. I mean homeboy is ugly than a motha f*cka. Today's eye candy is so ugly he makes Lil' Wayne look like Tyson Bedford. Today's eye candy I am talking about is Jamaica's own Shabba Ranks!

This morning, as I was getting my daily dose of Retro Centric (P.S. I love the Centric Network. It's like high-quality black television, love it!) Shabba's classic hit "Ting-A-Ling" came on. As I was having my whining session in my house (yes, I back it up by myself in my house, don't judge me) I wondered to myself, "How the hell did this ugly ass man get all the girls?

Lmao I mean, Shabba is no sex pot but this man managed to get tons of girls worldwide. The man has so many kids, he can start his own cricket team! (If you know what cricket is, you are such a yardie and I love you for that! Lol)

Shabba Ranks admitted in an interview that he is ugly but he said the reason why he get the girls is because
"Him words sweet like di gyal pum pum" Translation: It's not his looks that got him far, it is his Jamaican "anaconda."

I would never date the man but I will give him props for playing the sexy Jamaican stunner and having all the girls "whine up pon him."

Kudos to you! If your ugly ass can get some ass, more power to you!!!!!!!!!




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