Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thursday Eye Candy: Get Down With The Midwest Swang-a-lang-a-lang!!

Can I make a confession, Crazyettes?

I am going to be quite honest with you all, I wasn't going to have a eye candy today.

 I didn't see anything made me jump out my seat and throw myself in a fridge. I was getting a bit discourage by the lack of sexiness today but reassured my friends over at saved the day!

Feast your eyes on up-and-coming model Deric Micken....

 The young actor/model is Midwest boy who made his way to New York City to be in the entertainment world. You know what that means ladies, FRESH MEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The model told the magazine that it is his upbringing from Cedar Rapids, Iowa that keeps him grounded. “It really kept me grounded,” Deric says of growing up in Iowa. “I’ve always kept my head on straight.”

Sure, he looks great without his shirt (and possibly naked) but it was this picture that made me moist.....because I spilled my water on my shirt. (You see, I know your mind was going elsewhere, NASTY!) 

As you all know, I LOVE BLACK NERDY, SKATEBOARD RIDING GUYS!!!! ahhhhhhh!!! So, when I saw this pictorial, it made me smile :-)

So enjoy today's eye candy. Make sure you don't drop your water bottle too! :-p




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