Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Eye Candy DJ Edition: Much To ENVY

Good Morning Crazyettes!

It's Monday, hooray!!! I don't know why I'm happy that it's Monday but I want to share my happiness with you all :-) (Plus, it is too damn early to be bitchy, well at least for today.)

For today's eye candy, I really didn't based it on looks but rather I respect his hustle. As a NYC chica, I have seen many DJs claim to be the best. Everyone and their mama "thinks" they're the dopest DJ around in NYC. Though they might claim to be the best but as Jay-Z (an eye candy recipient FYI) said, "Men lie, Women lie but Numbers don't." That is why this DJ gets my respect. That Dj is none other than DJ Envy.

Envy has been one of the top DJs in the game for quite some time. Known as "The People's Choice", DJ Envy has made a mark for himself. He has his own show on Power 105.1 in NYC, been featured on tons of mixtape, host "Sucker Free Sundays" on MTV2 and still managed to work the club circuit in the tri-state area.

Judging from his hard work I think it is safe to say that he is  one of the best. That is why he is a valid candidate for today's eye candy. Plus, he is kind of cute for a DJ :-)




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