Saturday, March 20, 2010

Crazy Music:" I Can Be Your Freak" and Inside Wale's New Video "Diary"

Good Evening My Crazyitas!

This week, this song right here has been my theme song! Every time this song came on, I immediately break out into my "Bitch, I'm the shit now move out my way" walk. Check out Estelle's new music video "Freak." The song has the groovy London house feel with a pinch of "Yaaasss honey." This song couldn't have came out at a perfect time as the weather is getting warmer and Summer fun is on its way. Though this video received a lot of slack because of Estelle painted her face black (I don't understand why but whatev), this song and the video is FIRE.COM!

Peep it now!

and finally....

DMV's flyest rapper Wale was in the concrete jungle of Brooklyn, New York shooting his upcoming music video "Diary." Parlour Magazine got some exclusive pics from the set. I dig it and I am very excited to see the final product.

Check out the pics below. Afterwards, listen to Estelle song again then repeat the cycle.



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