Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Crazy Kicks: A Classy Supra and MY ADIDAS!

I would like to call these kicks,"The Bougie Supras"

Feast your eye my Crazy Sneakerhead to Supra's NS Collection. The pack, according to KicksOnFire.com, consists of the CuttlerStrapped 2, and the Assault. Out of the who collection, I truly dig the Cuttler. The sneaker is a high top design, along with a full grain upper with red shoe lacing eyelets and a white vulcanized sole. 

Don't they look scrumptious?! I love them!
and finally....

Great Gunmaga, I am in LOVE!!!

KicksOnFire.com did a feature on Adidas’  two timeless pieces, the low-top Superstar and the mid-cut Stan Smith 80’s. 
*Pause to preserve the sexy!!!!*
The kicks has a blue nylon along the upper with black accents. The Stan Smith 80’s sports a reverse design, consisting of a black leather upper along with blue nylon inserts.(Tell me these are not dope Mcdopington.)  The two shoes are actually two kicks in one( Everyone: aaaaaahhhh). In its original form, the silhouette that is appears is the high top Stan Smith. "What is unique is that a zipper located at the base of the upper allows the shoe to transform into the low top Superstar also shown here, hence the Hide and Seek nickname" according to the site. 

Aaahhhh yes, seeing dope kicks like these gives me hope that I will soon have a sneaker shopping binge in the coming days.

Yay! :-) 

For more information on fly ass kicks, visit KicksOnFire.com and Complex.com. They are my two loves and always have the flyest stuff(and I'm not just saying that because I intern there either :-) ) 


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