Friday, March 19, 2010

Crazy Random: The Whale Wearing Shorts

Ahhhhhh yes! The sun is shining, the birds are chirping and we can put away our heavy ugly sweaters for that cute spring jacket you got for half priced at H&M (for $20 might I add.)

However, it seems that with this warm, gorgeous weather comes, well, an ugly trend; a trend that I should end immediately.

I like to call it "Whales Wearing Shorts."

Have you ever encountered that one. Person who feels it is necessary for the world to see their Spider Veins, cellulite and/or lumps since the weather is warm. As I am a strong believer in loving the body God gives you that does not mean you should dress inappropriately and show off ever crater in your thigh!

Granted I know I am far from a size 0 but you do not see me walking around in a God damn piece showing all my flaws.

In closing, I would ask that you all please respect your bodies as well as my stomach; tuck whatever that needs to be tucked AWAY!

Thank you and good day :-)

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