Saturday, March 13, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!!!!

Hola People!

It's a rainy Saturday in NY but that doesn't mean a thing to me because....... IT'S MY BIRTHDAY!!

Yes my Crazyettes, it has been 22 years since I bless the world with my presence :-) lol

On a serious note, it is truly humbling for me to see another year. Unlike my past birthdays, this year I truly appreciate the little things in my life. I see my future glowing and I know that this year will be superb!

Another reason why I am so grateful is because have my Crazy loves! When I started my blog, I started it as a way for me to say,think and feel what I want and allow people to have a platform to be themselves. The support and love I received is awesome and I am truly grateful to have you all!

Now, enough of this sappy shit! Let's pop some bottles!!!

*sips mimosas*

Happy Birthday CrazyPrettyLady :-)



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