Monday, March 22, 2010

Monday Eye Candy: Battle Of The Chocolate: The Tyler Perry Edition

Happy Monday Crazy World!

Today, I need my crazyitas to make a judgment call. As I was research for today's delcious edition of eye candy, a strong debate seem to spark and I need YOU to help me choose which one gets the W.

I love the Tyler Perry franchise. From the shows to the movies, I have watched them all and I love it!

Another reason why I stay tuned to the shows is because Tyler Perry seem to choose THE SEXIEST AFRICAN AMERICAN ACTORS TO PLAY IN HIS WORK! (THANK YOU LAWD!!!!) So you can see why I am in a bit of a rut to choose who is sexier:

Lamman Rucker VS. Lance Gross

Here are the stats:

Lamman Rucker
Mr. Rucker is the star of the Hit TBS series "Meet the Browns" and is set to star in the highly-anticipated sequel “Why Did I Get Married Too”. The down-to-earth cutie isn't egostatical and has a warm heart. When he met up with Essence Magazine, the actor shared that he is apart of various charities such as the Stephanie Starks HOPE Foundation Celebrity Read Aloud Tour, where he read to elementary students in L.A. Plus, homie has his degree in education and he loves children.

Awwwwwwwwwwwwww. Now doesn't that make your heart melt?

Lance Gross
Mr. Gross plays the sexy yet lazy son on TBS's "House of Payne" and also starred in the movie "Our Family Wedding." The Howard University graduate was a track star (athlete? Delish!) but turned down a professional Track career to pursue his dream in acting. ( A Go-getter too! ::mouth waters::)
If that doesn't make him sexy enough, he is engaged to Eva "the Diva" Pigford.

Two sexy people together makes a sexy ass bunch!

Now that you have seen the stats, who do you think is sexier? Is it the sexy teacher Lamman Rucker or the Track&Field Chocolate Lance Gross?

::::Breaks into a Cold Sweat::::

Who to choose? Who to choose?! Ahhhhhhh



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