Thursday, March 11, 2010

Morning Crazy Question: Are Women Naturally Hypocrites?

Good Morning Boys And Girls!

Today, while I was on my way to work, I overheard a conversation that I made me question the female species, again. These two women, who we will call Babs and Wilma (I was watching Boomerang this morning) were talking about how they can't stand a former acquaintance they have!
During their conversation, they talked about how "this chick is a hoe" and how "she is trifilin' " among other things. Then Babs made the following comment, "Granted I slept with mad dudes but at least I know the names of all of 'em."

::Blank Stare:::

When I heard her say this, I immediately thought she was a bold face hypocrite. All this time she was talking about this girl is a ho and yet you are ho as well.

This probably not the first time I've seen women act hypocritical.

Ladies, have you ever had a friend who said they hated an outfit you wore to a party but then all of a sudden when you are getting ready to go to another function, the trick is wearing the very same thing?
Have you ever told a friend about a guy you were digging and she went on and on about how "he ain't shit." However, fast forward to a couple weeks they are boo'd up?
Even the smallest things like the sneakers you wear to the gym or what pen you use to write can be swagger jacked by a female "friend."

Hell, I have had hypocritical moments in my day. I've told people how I won't join Twitter and how "it's a site of Facebook statuses." Now, I love Twitter so much, I need it like I need coffee, all day everyday!
So, I poise the question, Are women naturally hypocritical? I mean are we prone to think that what's bad for one woman is fly for ourselves?

As you sip on your morning coffee, think about.

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