Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crazy Fashion: I Want These Sneakers, I Need These Sneakers, I Must Have These Sneakers, NOW!

As you Crazyettes might know, my birthday is this Saturday (yay!) and I am on creating my list of things I want to get for my birthday and it should not be of any surprise that I WANT SOME FLY ASS SNEAKERS!

So, thanks to the help of Complex.com (love them! They just don't know it yet ) I found the sneakers that I want you all to get me for my birthday. (Yes, I am telling you all to buy it for me. Therefore, if I scuff up one at least I will have 500 pairs to replace it with :-) )

First up.....

Check out these Adidas Adirise model. These blood-red kicks are too delicious and they must be in my closet IMMEDIATELY. Thank you! You can go to their website here to pick up a pair, for me, of course. They are only $80 so please do not complain.

Next Up....

As you all know, I love Creative Recs. They are not on the level of my Supra obsession but I consider them my sneaker version of a Side Piece, (Supras, you know you are always my main squeeze.)  The Cesario and The Ponti are too fly and at a cool $70, they will be a fly addition to the spring attire.

And finally, Over by KicksOnFire.com, I found these kicks that represent the girly girl that is inside of me(Granted, I am a tomboy at heart but I have to soften it up, folks.) This adorable women’s high-top is this remake of the classic 1970’s basketball version and features a canvas and leather upper, casual athletic looks and an outsole pattern that calls cues to its hardwood court inspiration, according to the site. Aren't these kicks so like adorable. Like OHMAGOD, I LIKE SOOO WANT THEM :::FLASHES HAIR:::

Now that you know what I want, please go and buy them for me NOW! I will thank you on my birthday with a great big pat on the back :-)

Thank you, I love you, bye bye!


Anonymous said...

Actions speak louder than words. ........................................

March 9, 2010 at 10:22 PM

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