Monday, March 1, 2010

Mean Muggin' Monday: It's Good To Be Selfish

Over these past couple of months, I have gone through a lot of soul searching, trying to figure out who I am. As many college graduates (like myself) get ready to take on this thing called life, you start to question what you thought was the"right" thing to do. 

For me, I start to question the ideas of being selfish. If you look up the term selfish concerned excessively or exclusively with oneself : seeking or concentrating on one's own advantage, pleasure, or well-being without regard for others. After reading that definition, of course we can all agree that being selfish is a big no-no but is it necessary to be selfish at time.

There is an old saying: " If you are not happy, then it’s likely that no one around you is happy." Though that might sound a tad bit self-centered but think about it, if you are not happy, how in the hell can you be happy around others.

When you become truly "selfish", you'll have the extra reserves needed to really care about as well as be generous with others.

I mean let's put it all into perspective. When you truly take care of yourself, only then can you have the reserves necessary to be generous with others. How many of us have this backwards? We take care of everyone (and everything) else, and leave ourselves for last. How can we even think about being generous with what we don’t have to give? For many of us, this is a significant contributor to our stress levels. And we’re accomplishing great things in spite of our stress levels, so what’s wrong with that?

Especially as young adults, we are at a point in our lives were we are laying the groundwork for our future. If we get so wrapped up in other people's problems, how can we handle our own. Think about it. If you worry about your homegirl's boy trouble, how the hell you going to have time to worry about your own? Fellas, if your homie always want you to be his wingman constantly, how are you going to have time to build yourself up into that leader status.

I am not saying that you should be cold about things in life but there comes a time where you have to just "do you" and focus on what makes you better in life.  If you hurt someone's feelings along the way, so be it! A true friend will respect the fact that you are doing what is right for you and a better you means a better friends, lover, sister, brother, cousin, whatever in this world.

So go ahead…make your self happy!



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