Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Mean Muggin' Monday: Sidechicks Are Buggin'!!!!


Today, I was enjoying my bowl of Raisin Bran Crunch (which by the way is the business!) and watching NBC's Today Show to start my day of relaxation. Then.....I See.....THIS BITCH! The editor of GQ premiered the spread in the upcoming issue of GQ Magazine featuring the smut the  mistress of former Senator and Presidential candidate John Edwards, Rielle Hunter.  The mistress wanted to "break her silence" and spoke to GQ, since they are well-known for their hard-news coverage(notice sarcasm). In the interview, according to abc.news.com , she gloats “I know he loves me....I have never had any doubt at all about that. We love each other very much. And that hasn’t changed, and I believe that will be till death do us part. The love doesn’t go away. It’s unconditional.”

For those who might not be familiar with the HO videographer, Ms. Hunter was hired as the politician’s videographer in 2008 but had an affair with the married politician in instead of focusing on her job. She even admits to the magazine that  she slept with Edwards the night she first met him even adding “I had never experienced anything like what was flowing between us. I sat on the other side of the room. I wouldn’t go near him…It was just this, this magnetic force field like I had never experienced. It terrified me. Absolutely terrified  me.”

This woman literally tried to portray herself as the misunderstood mistress who just want to clear her name, however, it is kind of hard to take her serious when she is showing her stomach and wearing only a man's dress shirt (to simulate as if she just finished doing the do) next to the Dora The Explorer doll. 
Ever since I first learned about this situation, I knew that Ms. Hunter as well as Mr. Edwards are disgusting people. How can someone justify this type of behavior, ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU ARE CARRYING ON AN AFFAIR WHEN YOUR WIFE IS DEALING WITH CANCER! (Did I forget to mention that detail? Oops, my bad) Anyone who has a heart can see that these two individuals only cared about themselves and not have a care in the world about who this might effect; John's wife, children, and his career. 
This whole story is down right disgusting and it makes me question if our nation even respect the rights of marriage. I am blessed to have a beautiful example of what a marriage should be through my parents but it seems like the more and more individuals don't have respect for a marriage and want to step in and break up a happy home. What pissed me off even more is that side chicks want to play the victim and/or want to get the fame. Like seriously? SMH! If you are a side chick, be happy you get to have sex in the finest hotels in the world and stay in your damn lane. For Ms. Hunter to reach out to the magazine to flaunt herself is downright repulsive. 

Ms. Hunter is not the first and sadly will not be the last woman to do something like this. The mentality that "we can get what we want no matter who is affected" is down right disgusting. I cannot tell you how many conversations I hear about women not having a care in the world about sleeping with a man that is taken. I would like to point out that whenever a woman does such actions, it means that you are a bitter, troubled soul that wants to cause pain to another woman because you are not happy in your setting and that is sad. As my mother tells me, "There are too many fishes in the sea for you to be prying over one." 
I pray for the day that women respect other women and not destroy relationships. I hope Ms. Hunter and Mr.Edwards live happily ever after as they will only have each other to blame for their downfall. SMH.



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