Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crazy Random: Kid Fury Lights Kat's Ass

What's going on Crazyettes!

Now, I have received tons of tweets, texts and facebook messages asking me if I have heard of the walking herpes Kat Stacks. I've also been asked why I haven't "Mean Mugged" the chick for her tomfoolery and not through in my two cents.

Welp folks, this reason why CPL haven't covered her is because we know that is what she wants. This situation is classic Dirty PR 101:

"No matter how you get your shine, you get that shit." In other words, the fact that I just wasted approximately 156 characters on the bitch is giving her free publicity and  I'm not have that shit go down. (Don't be fooled by my quiet demeanor, I turn on the PR Bitch mode LOVELY!)

Also, I'm sorry but I am going to be quite frank; I feel that if I had talked about her on CrazyPrettyLady, I would have caught an infection of some sort via embeddeding the video onto my beloved blog. Plus, when I saw her first video earlier this week, I felt as if my IQ level was slowly deterioating.  I question how properous is the Miami-Dade School System if this bitch can't even spell none the less SPEAK. (SMH, that No Child Left Behind Bill should have came out earlier, huh.)

Though I might've decline on the Kat post,  I WILL PROMOTE THE HILARIOUS KID FURY TV EPISODE HIGHLIGHTING THE STUPIDITY THAT IS THIS BITCH LMAO!!!!!! I was waiting for someone to respond to her nonsense, I mean this chick can't be serious?

For Christ's Sake, people are starting to RESPECT Superhead "hustle game." Yes, they even stopped calling her a ho because of this bitch and this frightens me, A LOT!

So, kudos to you Kid Fury! Peep his video here.



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