Sunday, April 4, 2010

Weekend Eye Candy: Sexy Bunny Hop Hop

Happy Easter My Crazy Loves!

For this special edition of Weekend Eye Candy, I would like to highlight men looking dapper in a suit. As I walked into church this morning (Yes, my crazy ass goes to church. I need God to give me sanity from time to time folks, lol.) I couldn't help but to be pleased to see men looking clean shaven and smelling like Unforgivable, Cool Water and other colognes.  I have said this many times that I LOVE A MAN IN A SUIT. I am not referring to "the pimp suit" that I see some men wear. A nice, clean cut suit. It takes true talent for a man to be able to rock a suit oh so scrumptiously as he would rock jeans and kicks.

So shout out to those men wearing their Sunday best today. YOU BETTA WERRRKKKK!

Toodles :-)



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